Wednesday, April 10: 5th Anniversary of the Great Law Library

Wednesday, April 10th: Animation/moderating by Emmanuel Pierrat (Director of the Grande Bibliothèque du Droit), of the 5th anniversary of the Grande Bibliothèque du Droit, on the theme of transhumanism (Maison du Barreau, Paris).

Thursday, April 11: Hearing contradictory with Françoise Cotta

Thursday, April 11th : Animation/moderating by Emmanuel Pierrat, as Curator of the Paris Bar Museum, of the contradictory hearing with Françoise Cotta, Thierry Illlouz and Françoise Leclerc at the Paris Bar Museum (Paris Bar Museum, Paris 1st)

Wednesday, April 17: Colloquium at the Institut de France

Participation of Emmanuel Pierrat at the conference entitled “Can art live without the art market? »Organized jointly by the Academy of Fine Arts and the Sales Council (Paris 6th).

Thursday, April 25: Conference “Art: new censorship”

Participation of Emmanuel Pierrat at the conference “Art: new censorship” at the National Institute of Art History (Paris 2nd).

Tuesday, April 30: Bodmer Foundation Conference

Tuesday, April 30th : Conference by Emmanuel Pierrat at the Bodmer Foundation on censored books (Bodmer Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland).