Marion Droguet



Marion Droguet joined Cabinet Pierrat in March 2017.

She holds a Second year of Master in Intellectual Property Law (Bordeaux IV Montesquieu University) and wrote an essay related to violations of privacy, honor and reputation in fiction.

She also holds a Master’s degree in Private Law and a European Studies Certificate (Bordeaux IV Montesquieu University).


  • Author Law and Copyright (Artwork, Movies, Music, Architecture, Photograph, Design, Performance)
  • Art Market (Copyright’s Devolution, Resale Royalties, Market Place Litigation, Professional Liability, Counterfeiting)
  • Information Technology (Websites, Liabilities, Personal Data Law)
  • Publication Law and Book Business
  • Industrial Property: Trademarks, models
  • Personal Law, privacy, image
  • Press law (defamation, offense)
  • Family Law
  • General Labor Law
  • Business Law
  • Competition and Distribution Law
  • Sports Law