Sophie Viaris de Lesegno



Sophie Viaris de Lesegno joined Emmanuel Pierrat’s first law firm in 1997. They subsequently both co-founded Cabinet Pierrat law firm in January 2003.

As an experienced professional, Sophie Viaris holds an inter-companies mediation training certificate from the Paris Mediation and Arbitration Center (aka “Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris”).

She holds a Post Graduate Degree in Applied Intellectual Property Law from Paris II University, under the supervision of Professor Pierre Yves Gautier.


  • Publishing Law, Book Law (Author’s Law, Copyright, Book Trade Regulations, Sales Promotion and Regulation…).
  • Literary and Artistic Property in every areas of creation (design, audiovisual, music, fashion creations…).
  • Computer law and Information Technology Law
  • Industrial Property Law: Trademarks, Designs.
  • Competition Law and Consumer Law.
  • Passing-off and Unfair Competition.

Conferences / Seminars / Interventions

1st June 2017 : Intervention of Sophie Viaris of Lesegno at the Assas-University Conference,  « Les Rendez-vous de 5 heures » ,  devoted to the ambivalence of sources of IP law (jurisprudence and legislation). The Conference will focus on cloud computing and remuneration for unavailable works and digital lending.

2013: Today’s Family for Dummies (First, September 2013), in collaboration with Emmanuel Pierrat and Julien Fournier

2010-2012: « Book Law » Course in the Profession of Publishing Postgraduate Program Master 2 (Paris X University – Publishing Professions Center of Saint-Cloud)

2005-2010: Communication Law Courses at the Communication and Human Resource Postgraduate Program Master 1 (Paris XIII University)

2008: Article The Law of the Market, in The Black Book of Censorship, Le Seuil

2007:  Justice For Dummies, Editions First, in collaboration with Emmanuel Pierrat

2004-2005: Trainings on Publishing Contracts (IRPI)

2001-2003: Trainings on the Internet Law and Multimédia Law (CFPJ)

Spring 2001: Participation in the writing of the Permanent Guide Law and Internet, (Les Editions Législatives).

March 2001: Article The Book – Diffusion and Distribution Agreements (Legicom);

Jan. 2001: Multimédia Law Course, (IUP : Postgraduate Master in Publishing Products Communication and  Marketing (Paris XIII University)

Jan. 2001: ‘Author’s Law applied to the Internet’: course for the Paris Journalists Training Center

Déc. 2000: Intervention in the ‘News in brief and Literature’ Seminar, at Boulogne-Billancourt’ multimedia Library.

Nov. 1999: Conference, Internet Law and Multimédia Law, Franche Comté’s Regional Book’s Centre.

August 1999: Article ‘Movies’ Photographies: Lightings and Adjustments (Légipresse).


Participation in the Fooding Guide 2010